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Answering the lighting needs for this most personal of uses offers a unique set of challenges. Some residential projects find us working only with the owner or designer; other projects are characterized by huge design and construction teams. In our residential work, we design lighting and control systems for single rooms to entire estates and surrounding grounds.
Private Residence 1
At the beginning, we meet with you to find out exactly what your lighting needs and preferences are. Every home and its occupants are different, and our goal is ensuring we design lighting that meets your specific needs. We ask questions: Where do you do the majority of your reading? Is there anyone in your household with special visual needs? Where do you get dressed or put on makeup? Do you have artwork or a special collection? Are you apt to move your furniture around? Does your dining table expand? If so, your lighting should, too!
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Residence 1
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Private Residence 2
This also is your chance to make sure we understand exactly what you do--and don’t--like. A really bright kitchen? The ability to operate lots of effects from a single switch? At night, do you want to be able to see your landscaping from inside your home? If you opt for a dimming system, know that we keep control systems simple and friendly. If you want a more complex system, or one that is integrated into other systems, your use still is easy.
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Private Residence 3
Your answers to these and other questions become the groundwork for your lighting design. We then continue to meet with you, your architect and/or interior designer, and turn all of this input into the technical drawings, documents, schedules and specifications that enable your electrician or contractor to install your new lighting. Along the way, we’re there to provide as much assistance as needed. When your lighting is installed, we’ll supervise the final aiming, focusing of your lights and setting of lighting levels.
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Residence 3
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Photo: Douglas A. Salin
Private Residence 4
Adequate kitchen lighting is a must for cooks of any caliber. This kitchen, designed for a professional chef, required lighting appropriate for the cooking show broadcast from it, as well as for personal use.
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