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A layered lighting approach completes the room
Everything truly is grand at the world’s largest hotel and casino property. Beyond creating spectacular visual effects, RDLD’s lighting met all other owner requirements, including concealed fixturing, power and load limitations and unobtrusive surveillance lighting. The lighting design even earned FAA approval for its dramatic sky beams.

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Cove lighting throughout recalls the soft lighting of the Deco Era
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Giant bowls hold rotating sky beams
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The Gateway of Entertainment
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The new Lion Entry is highly animated with light, water, and sound
1999 – Edwin F. Guth Award of Excellence, International Illumination Design Awards; IES
1999 - Award of Merit, International Association of Lighting Designers
1999 - The Lumen Award, Southern California IES
1998 - Award of Excellence, Edison Award Competition; General Electric
1999 – Award of Merit, International Illumination Design Awards; IES